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The one thing about coffee shops is that you can meet friends there while having really good food at reasonable prices. And you don’t need to dress up. It’s a simple, no-frills place, but you get food that’s even better than some five-star restaurants.

People who work in coffee shops are friendly too, especially if you visit the same place frequently enough. Where else can you find people who readily call you “lengzai” and “lenglui” (Cantonese for “handsome guy” and “pretty girl”).

Teh Tarik -Malaysia’s’ national drink’, is something that connects people from different races, cultures and religions.

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KopiTiam Oxford

Kopitiam is a type of coffee shop mostly found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Southern Thailand patronised for meals and beverages and traditionally operated by the Chinese community of these countries. The word kopi is an Indonesian and Malay term for coffee and tiam is the Hokkien/Hakka term for shop. Menus typically feature simple offerings: a variety of foods based on egg, toast, kaya, plus coffee, tea Horlicks and Milo。 The sights and sounds that we are used to seeing in our neighbourhood coffee shops are part and parcel of the Malaysian experience. To a great extent, our memories and perceptions of the Kopitiam are what make us Malaysian.

At KopiTiam Oxford we offer meals of excellent quality and invite you to try our delicious Chinese & Malaysian street food and cafe.

The key to our success is simple: providing quality consistent food that tastes great every single time. We pride ourselves on serving our customers delicious genuine dishes like Chinese,  Malaysian, Asia…


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